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Speed video

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speed methodology

Speed Methodology consists of three sections:
1) The first is a summary of the Speed methodology and an indication of the methodology process Ie, establish a viable Business, apply FairShares principles and apply Co-creation help the Speed school become community leaders.
2) Secondly, there is a summarised route map that takes into account there will probably be two or three distinct models emerging due to the different legal situations in each country i,e stand alone school businesses may not be possible in some countries, and the individual preferences of schools.
3) Thirdly, there is a checklist for partners to use in setting up their country Speed project. Linked to this there is a helpline that partners can use to help plan each stage of the process of setting up their Speed projects.

speed academy

Consists of SPEED learning course which provides you with the necessary knowledge and materials for both how to set up a social and sustainable school enterprise and how to deliver the learning content on social entrepreneurship.
This material is especially focused on social entrepreneurship and sustainability. It should be used as supporting resources complementary to other materials on school enterprises. To enroll to this larning course follow the link to the SPEED PLATFORM.

Speed platform


LocoSoco and SEi Ltd will set up an Eco Refill station as a FairShares company

speed tool box

Based on the already existing FairShares Planner and FairShares Lab Platform the tools will be adapted to the needs of school pupils that help start up FairShares companies, tools from the NEMESIS project such as OPERA that help in co-creation decision making and tools from LocoSoco including a number of Business in the Boxes to help schools start their own business. The result will be an accessible SPEED tool box essential to effective replication and scaling up of the project after the funding ends.


roadshow model

Speed Roadshow and Showcase will be co-organized by the local school enterprise of each relevant partner supporting pupils in designing, preparing and presenting their enterprise, governance model, products/services. Marketing expert team led by Slap and supported by other partners will incorporate students and follow their ideas to create peer-to-peer showcases.

For the SPEED Roadshow it is crucial to be planned and organized in a participative way involving the teachers, the pupils and local social community. Speed Roadshow in each country will involve at least 3 locations, include 300 visitors (live and virtual) and engage 20 young people in organization of the event. After each local event there will be a group evaluation session collecting lessons learned and recommendations preparing for the final Roadshow in Osijek, Croatia.


eskdale school speed project

On 4th February the Speed Project took over the whole of Eskdale School in Whitby for a morning. The Local MP Sir Robert Goodwill was there too, seen here with the Directors of the new school social enterprise along with Rachel Winspear the lead teacher, Sam Cooper the SEi Events organiser and Cliff Southcombe the MD of SEi .During the morning the whole school attended 5 separate presentations led by Sam Cannon on the Speed Road trip that will launch at Eskdale school in May this year. No less than 170 of the students signed up to become members of the social enterprise that is creating school based eco social enterprises as well as planning the Road trip.

Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece
Association for Creative Development Slap, Croatia
Verein zur sozialen und beruflichen Integration e.V. Germany
KOPF, HAND und FUSS gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Bildung mbH, Germany
Eskdale School, United Kingdom